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How to loose your weight by doing normal work | Loose your weight

How to loose your weight is sometimes big question for some peoples. If you also have this kind of question then read this article. If all of your friends or someone has told you that loosing your weight is really hard work to do then they are wrong [ after reading this article ] .
   You can loose your weight easily that doesn't mean you don't have to do anything. Just be with this article.
If you are living at country side or you are so lucky that you have a garden then you can loose your weight by working in your garden. Some of you may say that I am living in a city & I doesn't have garden , then you can do some tricks or changes in your lifestyle like :

* If you want to go to the floor 20 then go to elevator & got to floor 18 or 17 or whatever you want . Every time do this if you want to loose your weight.

* If you have a little terrace or a gallery ( with plants also ) then take care of them. I mean dig out soil from pots & again put it in the pots it is good for them & also for you .

 *Also you can help your mother or parents in your house by removing mess & make your home in the order.

* Go for a daily jog . Do Yoga . Do exercise . Do Aerobics . There are so many things that you can do in your house or even in your school also. 

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