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Best and right way to easily Increase your height.

To Increase your height :

             So many teens are now days tensed because of there limited body height . So I think that I'll give some solutions to them to remove there tension from there mind . Your body height is also a main / important part of your personality . That means if you have good height then it is can be your plus point . If you get something in a free way to increase your personality then why not to take it .

Following are some exercises to Increase your Height :

Streching -

As  the name suggest  it is the exercise to strech your body . What you have to do is Sit normaally & open your legs like a 'V' shape  , then with your right hand touch your left legs toe & with your left hand touch your right legs toe . Do it regularly and daily . It will definitely  increase your height .

Surya Namaskara -

Surya Namaskara is something like 'Push ups' . just do it what showed in the next picture .

                                                                     -Google Images

Take appropriate Vitamins -

To increase your height you must have to take consider vitamins in your diet , like vitamin D , Vitamin B1 , etc. Increase vegetables in your diet  .

           Do this Regularly , Then only this will effect .
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